Jun 24, 2013

Red Marks Cases - "Michael" Testimonial #1, Part 2 with Latest Theory

Summary: psychological factors; abduction dreams; similarity between us in UFO dreams; family history of abduction; trouble in bringing self and outside world to acknowledge the real effects these experiences have on the individual's sense of safety and control over their own consciousness; empowering the mind to regain control as a participant thru fair dialogue, if not purge itself of the negative source; marks as clues to our ability to manifest physical effect?

"I flared up, felt angry and resistant at this intrusion. I had the sense that the entity was showing me that nothing much had changed. Almost like they had a handle on my primal emotions or I didn't have control."
- alias 'Michael' on his attempt to reclaim control over his sleeping consciousness

The following is continuing email interview with "Michael" dated May 20, 2013:
(Continued from Part 1)

JENNY: "You mentioned in your original posting about your abduction experience that you attributed it to psychological factors upon waking. That is to say, you dismissed it as a product of your mental state at the time because of circumstances in your life, correct? Can you recall what your emotional status was at the time before going to sleep that night? The reason I ask is I am trying to gather if there is a particular state of mind that 'summons' such an experience. What emotions surrounded your thoughts before bed that night?"

'MICHAEL': "I didn't totally dismiss the experience as being purely psychological, I just tried to look for the simplest explanation, ie that I had a dream that was connected to childhood experiences of being out of control and at the mercy of others. I grew up in a pretty abusive family and went to an oppressive Christian school so elements of those experiences tend to find their way into my dream in metaphorical or literal ways. The easiest explanation for my nighttime experiences would be to chalk them up to my unconscious mind latching onto the abduction stories that I've read and bringing them back to me as a metaphor. Another part of me feels that there is some reality to what I've experienced though. The aforementioned abuse has given me a very strong ability to repress memories so I could very easily repress memories of a theoretical abduction. I don't specifically recall how I felt the night of that experience but I know that there was nothing extraordinary going on in my life. I'm sure I had the normal frustrations and stresses associated with job and finances but most likely nothing out of the ordinary. There also would have been the nameless, panicky fear that I typically felt upon going to bed and waking up at night. This has very recently abated somewhat because of meditation, therapy, and hemp oil but it was definitely more of an issue back then."

JENNY: "Do you take any drugs, alcohol, prescriptions, vitamins?"

'MICHAEL': "I occasionally take a multi-vitamin but I avoid drugs of all kinds. I've tried pot a few times over the past few years but it's never something I've gotten into and I don't think those few instances ever coincided with a frightening night time experience. I drink occasionally and lightly. Life is too weird and interesting already without having my mind altered."

JENNY: "Abductees have often reported, as you are probably aware, about invasive sexual procedures. Some became pregnant and the fetus spontaneously disappearing, male abductees visited in dream trance by their so called offspring or child clones. Could you describe any beings, instruments/devices, physical contact you may have had during the abduction experience?"

'MICHAEL': "In looking through my dream journal I can find two separate dreams of seeing something that looked like grey aliens, one with a hideous, hybrid looking woman, and two dreams with vivid UFO sightings. A few weeks after the marks appearing on me I had a somewhat typical nighttime levitation/rape experience and I felt something within me psychically reach out and grab the instrument that I was being probed with and it turned out to be a metallic pointy thing with a hose attached to it. As far as the specific instance I mentioned on the forums, there was only the impression of there being greys and the physical sensation of being lifted."

JENNY: "What was your impression of the episode, were you afraid?"

'MICHAEL': "I have felt intense fear during all the experiences involving levitation. Sometimes I feel the approach of something that feels evil and then the levitation begins. The two UFO dreams I mentioned were accompanied by feelings of elation and wonder though."

JENNY : "What do you gather is the general content or themes of your dreams since these experiences? Identify as much as you are willing, since any of it could be significant to why you are/have been contacted.
[Note: 'Contact' can be witnessing or interacting with unknown technology, Earth-based or otherwise, or even with divinity, or spirits, as well as extraterrestrial beings. But something more invisible, and self-projected may have manifested those marks. Any of these possibilities remain open.]

'MICHAEL': "My dreams are all over the place. It's hard to find a theme... Some dreams are very affirming, some have frustrations. I tend to have more positive than negative dreams though. During one experience some months ago I had the thought that perhaps Aliens can abduct our souls or mind or something to that effect. I hadn't read anything about this in UFO literature and then just recently I saw several references to it in Karla Turner's writings and then I read in your posting "how do I convince someone my consciousness was abducted?" Very interesting. I also had a similar dream to yours where a positive experience was interrupted by the intrusion of the "alien" experience."
[Editor's Note: Karla Turner, a UFOlogist, died of cancer in 1996 for her work exposing the now popular Greys. It is believed in alien-theorist circles that she was murdered by being deliberately diseased. Turner wrote "Into the Fringe", referring to science on the edge of our understanding, usually dealing with consciousness experimentation, as well as "Taken - Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda" and "Masquerade of Angels". She was a respected professor in Texas, Sources: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/358439.Karla_Turner ; http://www.jeffpolachek.com/www-karlaturner-org]

JENNY: "Did any dreams stick out to you that may have been related (even if unclear how) to your experiences with the abductions, levitation, and red marks?"

'MICHAEL': "I'm not sure... There are a few dreams that are tangentially related that might offer clues. Here's one :
I walk by a car in a parking lot and overhear M [my therapist] talking on the phone. She is talking to a patient about how they can’t just call her and expect to talk, she has to charge them. [dream scene changes]I am hiding in the backseat of my car, sort of under the seat. I’m not sure what exactly I was doing but it has to do with UFO research. I am hoping to prove Dennis Rodman wrong about something. Someone is suddenly in the car with me and they tell me to look behind and to the right of the car. There are several short, fat aliens. I gasp in fright and wake up." And here's another "Its nighttime and I see a plane high above in the sky. I then begin to see UFOs in the sky.  I know they are UFOs because of the amazing patterns they cut through the sky. I’m filled with wonder that I get to see these alien craft. The scene switches to a field behind where I used to live in .... There are several large alien craft landed in the field, but intuitively I "know" that these are fakes.

I'm not sure what to make of these dreams. The Dennis Rodman character could relate to my feeling that my truly being involved with aliens is outrageous, hence the personification of an outrageous character who bounces a sphere up and down (up and down perhaps relating to heaven and earth)."

JENNY: "Is there anyone in your family who lived with you during these experiences you could ask if they ever noticed anything strange:  unexplained lights, you sleepwalking, you levitating, you absent from your room, noises?"

'MICHAEL': "No one in my family or that I've lived with has reported anything strange. My dad claims that he's been abducted, once with my mom and sister before I was born. I'm not sure what to make of that though. I can remember being told that I sleepwalked once or twice when I was a young child."

Concluding notes to 'Michael' before receiving his reply to questions throughout this post:

JENNY: "This is very fascinating stuff. I as well had an abduction experience, though I was [sure I remained] in bed because I was wrapped around my son [and didn't disturb him during the experience]. You can read about mine here.

Thank you for your courage to share such uncomfortable truth, given its physically personal nature. Try to take comfort as you answer that you are anonymous. But only say what you are willing to. You are certainly not alone in this!

Because my site is all things surrounding my dreaming, I am very curious about your dreams. Please read my most recent couple and let me know if you notice any similarities to your own? I want to know if the content of my dreams is entirely derived from my inner workings, or if there are universal concepts 'someone' is trying to get people like you and I to understand. For instance, are you ever given devices from UFO's in your dreams? This is greatly connected to my desire for manifested contact, like the red marks were, but is there an overarching message that maybe comes through to you in different symbolism?"

'MICHAEL': "Your dreams are quite fantastic. As far as I remember them, my dreams tend to be fairly short and simple vignettes. There is oftentimes an element of conflict with gun-play or people having to be fended off. There is also oftentimes a woman, or women that I've never seen before. I oftentimes feel intense love towards these feminine presences. The stance I tend to take towards dreams is that, for the most part, they represent aspects of ourselves. I'm pretty sure I have had dreams that are more trans-personal though. I've had "big dreams", especially when I was younger (and Christian) where I felt as if God or Jesus was communicating to me. I very much want to reconnect with that spiritual aspect of myself that I was more in touch with as a child. I've never been given a device, that I remember.

Perhaps the overarching message in my dreams is one of reconnection with my anima, my soul, as shown by the parade of women through my dreams over the years. One vivid dream that I treasure from last year was a scene where I was floating in high earth orbit. I looked down at the earth and felt very much at peace and I could hear radio chatter like a NASA astronaut might hear. I think there's a part of me that's high above this all. Come to think of it, here's a dream in it's entirety that you might find relevant."


'Michael' battles in himself about the reality of his experiences, the trauma of night-time rape and disorienting levitation, and the lack of evidence experiences of pure consciousness leave. He, like all individuals struggling to make sense of their encounters and abilities, are lost to explain psycho-conscious events to the solid world. Two realities are clashing, and these individuals are crossing back and forth between them with little education on what to do. These experiences have profound effect on their mental well-being, on their sense of safety and control. One woman who described a dream where she was peering through a hole to the outside world while she was trapped in darkness, summarized how the soul must feel. For people like 'Michael', recurring abductions in their unconscious states makes the soul feel trapped, and cling to the physical realm. They are riddled with fear and anxiety, exactly what seems to permit these dream demons or aliens to do their work.

On the other hand, a similarity emerged between his and my dreams. Our dream encounters with alien crafts have been awe-inspiring, where we feel ecstatic joy. This is not all the time for me, but have been some of my most excitingly joyful dream experiences, particularly when the craft was giving me a device with the intention to communication something (see Investigations Page of this blog, and the dream links under the third Communication investigation heading, particularly read posts on comm. devices). Therefore, we both have the inner excitement of being contacted by a higher intelligence, but how it is manifesting for 'Michael' is interfering with that potential excitement.

I wrote the following to 'Michael' out of personal concern, based on what I've come to understand so far through my dream investigations (dated June 24 2013):

JENNY: "You seem to have a lot of fear surrounding your experiences. I'm not a psychiatrist, only a psych BS degree, and I don't know what your regular psychiatrist has been trying with you, but if these keep persisting, the advice I somehow end up feeling the need to give to people who have been coming to me for help in reconciling the horror of their dreams and visions is this: empowerment. To offer you hope that you can reclaim control over your sleep, your body and mind. Concentrated visualizations before bed will help shape the content and path of your dreams. Ask your higher self, your dream self, why is this happening? Is there something you are meant to understand? Decide, firmly state, in your heart and mind that you will not allow yourself to be abused. Demand these entities find another way of communicating with you. If they want sperm (to be blunt), or rather your sexual energy (more precisely, and perhaps for your own good, I know it is for me), many personalities of loving female presences have come to you in your dreams. I would encourage you to indulge a little with one of them. Explore any repressed sexuality with an archetype you can feel safe with. Conjure the feeling of frustration or powerful resistance, perhaps by enjoying an image of yourself swinging a sword around or exploding an energy bomb around you that shoves all beings away. Arm yourself in your waking thoughts so your unconscious has a template to work with. Give yourself permission to imagine how you would prefer this all to go. In other words, create a dialogue with the entities. Whether you end up understanding them or not, whether you end up accepting interaction on your terms or sever any contact, will all be up to you and how your inner self (the deepest and truest part of yourself) responds and can deal. Train your spirit to not be a victim.

I hope there is something for in that rant."

'MICHAEL': "My therapist (not psychiatrist) had suggested that I decide beforehand that I would open my eyes during one of these experiences. I did that and, as programmed, I opened my "eyes" but then I realized I only imagined I was opening my eyes. That's the most progress I've made on that end. I also recently decided that I wasn't going to panic or be resistant when this happened. Then a few weeks ago I had a brief experience where I felt the "presence" approaching me and I flared up, felt angry and resistant at this intrusion. I had the sense that the entity was showing me that nothing much had changed. Almost like they had a handle on my primal emotions or I didn't have control. As you know, it's been suggested by some researchers that these beings feed on our emotions. It would seem logical that they have the ability to induce emotional states that our beyond our control as well. I don't believe that the aliens traumatize people "for their own good". Obviously people can take most negative experiences and transmute them into the alchemical gold of personal enlightenment. I'm sure people have come out of concentration camps "better" people, but that doesn't mean the experiences were good or the people who gave the bad experiences were good. I think that perhaps whole agenda is very complex and doesn't fall into our human categories of good and bad. Their [rationalizations] could be so far beyond our comprehension that our attempts to understand are like grasping in the dark for something invisible. I do get the impression that there is some sort of imprinting process that happens if a person is around alien beings for long enough. In much the same way that a baby bird can imprint onto a human if it's the first thing they see when coming out of the egg. It could be intentional on the aliens part or simply the way of nature for species to change each other by proximity and communication.

I am going to try some visualization and some of the things you suggested. I really do appreciate the suggestions."

(See Part 3 for more on Dreaming)

The Power of Consciousness to Create; Email of latest theory sent June 24th 2013:

JENNY: "The theory I am humoring is that they [the marks] are indications to show people closest to understanding about how much power our curiosity and synchronicity with the natural world and imagination lends us that we are capable of manifesting change with mere concentrated thought. It might be a long shot, but it could be a physical nudge to get like people together. I say this because above just alien curiosity at some point in our lives, we seem to also be highly analytical, compassionate, emphatically curious, intelligent observers.

Consider if an intelligent group of people who all believed manifesting something from our desires -- let's say for an example, we all want our world to have the freedom to travel to distant planets, time streams, and dimensions, meet other beings and exchange experiences and perspectives, so we all want to make an easily accessible portal -- were possible with our concentrated creation of such with only our knowing that we can do so with thought. I've been investigating quantum theory and what the uncertainty principle means in describing the nature of consciousness and its interaction with the solid world.

So say a group of these people unified together to conjure a portal. Imagine how this would change popular understanding about each individual's apparent lack of control over their reality? Further, imagine the infinite possibilities of what could lie beyond that portal, and the only deciding factor is what we choose to link to through our projected or unconscious needs and emotional energies. In other words, whatever IS beyond that portal, according to this working theory, would be dependent upon the strongest invested energy for what could be beyond that portal, and collective energy will produce closest to the desired result. If we all believe it is a portal to hell, more than likely, because of our collective energy, it would become that. This does not mean it is permanently linked to a collectively created hell, we could easily change it to be a link/wormhole to another planet inhabited by friendly beings. Until otherwise known, like an electron's non-locality (existing in infinity until observed), once that portal is established (the portal being a manifested potential, a bridge to possibility between the realms of the physical state and the energetic state) the possibilities are infinite, undefined, reactive to us the observers. There is power in cooperative thought, and even more power in intelligent, cooperative thought with benevolent intentions, or at least humble curiosity.

Just a consideration. This is all essential concepts to the book I am writing on imaginary others/companionship, and my investigations into dreaming. It feels all related, so I am trying to assemble more facts."

'MICHAEL': "I've been thinking quite a bit about where the the line between imagination and "reality" lies. One of my greatest fears is that I'm deceiving myself. How do I know what is simply a subjective experience in my mind and what is more than that? Are these nighttime experiences only imagination or are they something more? For instance, occasionally when I'm falling asleep I'll startle myself awake because I have the sudden impression that I'm stumbling or falling and it's almost like a physical sensation. Could the experiences of levitation be my "brain" realigning itself and doing some maintenance? I struggle with wanting to explain things in materialistic terms or going over to the other side and looking for more fantastic explanations. Maybe it's not an either/or proposition though.
In our current iteration as humans, we are a fairly young species. I think there is much we have difficulty perceiving and assimilating because of our own limitations. For instance, the mantis shrimp can see many more colors than we can and bats can hear frequencies that we can't hear. What are we missing that is simply beyond our ability to perceive or being blocked by our own fears?

I think we certainly can manifest "portals" but they might be portals in symbolic sense. For instance, if we as a culture are focused on apocalypse and collective war and destruction then it would seem those things will have to manifest eventually, in a sense, coming through a portal of our collective unconscious into our realm. Creating portals in a more literal sense might require bringing together "heaven and earth", ie, imagination, clear, focused thought, science and then the earth aspect, materials brought together in a technology. The aliens seem to have done this quite well."

(Continue to Part 3)

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