Jun 18, 2013

Power of Imagination, and The Ultimate Unknown

Summary: Week's worth of dreams -  
Water/snow theme needing more investigation even after channeling discovery of it representing "same gene pool"; dark force mist invading my town and a test in the creative power of belief and imagination; thrift store theme, now toy store and a lead toward next Level up in spiritual abilities; stretching space and thick area effect like a black hole (portal?). 

Extensive sequence based at the location of my current home with building aspects of my parent's house (upper level). Snowing (fallout?) in driveway on gravel and street, while in the distance over our fence where there is a field I do my gardening in is a lake. The distance at which this lake is placed compared to how close the field is in physical reality (directly on other side of fence) was curious.

My adopted sister staying with us (she lived with my family when we were younger), stole my green and purple markers, the same two I chose to keep in my son's backpack in reality. What was significant about these two colors? I was disappointed to learn I had been misplacing my trust in her to respect me and just ask to borrow, since she had no reason to steal. She felt she needed to look out for herself and resort to taking what she wanted. An obvious representation, now that I write about it, of the unnecessity of greed and theft.

Night June 14th/15th 2013:  There is a mist moving through my local area in which a dark force hunts through. When it envelopes around you it causes fear and panic. People are refugees hiding in buildings, afraid to go outside, crowded into these spaces and living there indefinitely to escape the mist. No space for us. Jim and I, with our son are riding bikes (we don't even have bikes) around town looking for a spot for us to stay amongst the makeshift residences of what used to be downtown businesses and now looked like bunkers. One building housed young adults jumping on the opportunity to be silly and mingle and have fun with each other.
I stopped at a corner where someone was asking if he could ride with. Upset that I couldn't help him, I projected my frustration by telling him if I had space for a basket I would be able to carry my son and our dog, much less this random person. (If I had remembered that parameters can be adjusted to accomodate in the dream, I could've taken them all, but that belief in lacking control over one's situation is so strong in my reality that it continues into my virtual reality).

My son and I search through an empty building for a place among the rubble to stay. The mist is coming. It penetrates through the other buildings because they weren't diligent in sealing up the cracks it could enter in. But I knew their fear was their real problem. They would be protected if they stood their ground against the mist, bringing into the reality thru belief. Belief is not assigning to something that may or may not exist, belief is assertion of one's creation; bringing into existence by the power of your choice to simply decide that something will be. It is the power to create. Fear of the power of this mist made it powerful. In the dream world scary things really are only as scary as we allow. Our tool is imagination, thinking of a way, even if its as simple as "You can't hurt me" to change the circumstance in your favor and it will respond as such. Beings of fear are fueled by it, they cannot affect unless we give in (or absorb) and thus produce its energy to thrive in.

Emerging from the mist is a pirate-like giant, stomping and swiping at us. I run us out of town into the forest near a bubbling swamp. It looks acidic and would be deadly to fall into. We had to stop abruptly to turn and run along it, but the giant kicked and Link fell in, pulling me too. For a moment I lingered in before the fall, circling my arms to try to regain balance. My choices were to believe I failed, that I would watch my son die a horrible death before my own body burns, or believe maybe the water just had some excess gas and was actually safe. I clung to the latter and when I fell, the water was room temperature and harmless. We floated and I pulled Link to climb on me while I floated. Somehow the water was safer than being on the shore, and we relaxed as we floated in the center of this rectangular pond twenty feet from where the mist threw a tantrum at the water's edge.

Dream from June 15/16th 2013: A key scene in an old fashioned toy store. The room with the specialty toys had a bizarre aerial effect filling it. Seemed dangerous. When you walk into the room through the open doorway, you enter a thick atmosphere. I go dizzy and my vision does a zoom-in/zoom-out effect continously like bouncing parallel to the ground, making a target with the zooming in and out waves of space. The very space itself . A most bizarre experience, one I have never encountered before. I simply cannot explain it with the same language we use to describe the physical world experience. Like my consciousness zoomed in and out rapidly in an area that shifted dimensions (length and width and height) without actually changing the dimensions of the space. It was a portal. And I have seen what may have been this phenomenon in other dreams (especially thrift stores) but never dared to step into those areas until now). I had been afraid I would be torn apart or suffocated or obliterated somehow... like what a black hole is theorized to do. But I stepped out of it, gathered my bearings, realized that I survived it and became incredibly curious to try it again.

The zooming effect I do see in my real life. Sometimes when I focus in on something, when my mind is performing an incredible number of calculations and things are falling into order (epiphany) I get that same effect. My torso and head feel weak, my brain feels disconnected or separated from being able to control my extremities (like they wouldn't move if I tried; though they actually do when I try), and I feel like I am vibrating outside the walls of my body. It is not a fast vibration, but it does have a rhythm like a spinning top at the end of its spin as it settles. Mentally, at these times, I have great understanding, and am firmly defending my case on some topic. I actually see the space between me and an object stretch. My heart races after this, and it reminds me of the feeling just before you faint or fall unconsciousness, but this happens when I am sitting or laying still. Could this be the initial stages of out of body experiences? What if this could be controlled or done at will?

I've been able to hold onto the feeling and maintain the effect by continuing in whatever I was doing that was causing it, often in conversation or deep thought. There was an intelligence to this, like it was placed there for a reason, a kind of invisible sentinel, a gate or test. If a certain person entered and was rejected would they be killed or just prevented from entering? I felt fear whenever I saw this. What is it? The ultimate unknown is all I can think to call it. A test of imagination when faced with the ultimate unknown. What would be on the other side? What is it guarding? Only answer coming to mind is to imagine what I would want to be on the other side. Is it a vacuum? Empty space for which to create upon? Have I been offered a sample of empty canvas with which to create my own world?

If you could make your own reality, what would you dream up?

Or is it an escape from the physical reality? A tear in space-time?

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