Jun 3, 2013

Quantum Locking

Notes from TED Talk demonstration video by Boaz Almog, and from his site www.quantumlevitation.com:

The Physics:
Quantum locking/levitation with superconductors
Magnetic force actually appears as particle streams and behaves like particles
There is zero electrical resistence (electricity is the flow of electrons thru a material)
In superconductivity, there is no energy loss from collisions because magnetic fields are expelled by circulating currents around the object and trapping those inside (locks the fluxon strands in place)

Superconductor freely rotates on a circular magnet! UFO's are commonly seen and taped rotating while hovering like a spinning top on an axial tilt (not unlike the Earth).

Object used in this demonstration is a thin wafer of sapphire coated in a ceramic compound of Yttrium (superconducting element), Barium, Copper, and Oxygen (YBCO), and wrapped in plastic. The mist is liquid nitrogen used to keep the temperature of the object below -185 degrees C (-301 degrees F). Superconductor remains on track at same speed and position (as though in zero point field similar to outer space) as long as temperature is below that mark.

Superconductors can store energy, and levitate objects 70,000x its own weight in this way (transfer current). 

Locking occurs because magnetic field DOES penetrate thru the thin superconductor.

Still interacts to gravity though, as demonstrated by the it riding a dipped bridge track back and forth (video on site). Height of levitation depends in part how cold the temp of the object is, that is, how long has it been left to cool in the liquid nitrogen.

The mist seen at UFO sightings may be the same kind of temperature regulation.

Guy who made rock garden with impossible to move stones by himself and claimed to have discovered how the pyramids were built kept his secret in a little black box that disappeared after his death. Box could not have had liquid nitrogen in it. So how else is this happening in our atmosphere?

Other superconductors only work at extremely high temperatures. May be why so many were/are spotted in the desert. YBCO superconductor above critical temp 93 degrees Kelvin as well.

Does making zero point craft fly freely in our atmosphere at least have to do with the Earth's geomagnetic field?

UFO's often seen coming out of and going into the ocean. Magnetic fields affect the rate of flow in salt water. A strong magnet will actually bend a stream of falling tap water. (See video at this site)
If humans are made of more than 70% water, what effect would wrapping the body in a strong magnetic field have? What was shown to me was smothering the naked body in a thick mud of phosphate (salt of phosphoric acid); salt and water, which would essentially create a magnetic field in and around the body. But how strong, and what mixture of parts per I do not know.

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