Jun 21, 2013

Entity Exchange Program Visualization

Summary: Illusion in the sky; Disclosure conference with ET guests; Call to citizens who've been studying interfacing to help; Reunion with my mentor in different form; How would we prefer disclosure?; my brainstorm of a preferred transition for public to acknowledge, accept or deny, and possibly integrate and exchange with entities from other worlds, times, and dimensions.

Night of June 19th/20th 2013

Sneaking around with a partner, trying to avoid being detected. UFO's in the sky. Sky looks weird, like an illusion of the sky. Suspicious of the space between the UFO crafts (visible sky), I throw a rock at visible sky only to have it hit solid barely five feet above my head. The illusion distorts for a moment from the rock's disruption. I call to my partner and stand to feel the ceiling. The faint outlines of panels on some larger ship or ceiling displaying a false image are so obvious now. Geometric shapes of the objects portrayed in the image that should have more curves and roundness gives it away as a cheap imitation. My partner calls me to come see, the conference has begun!

I turn to walk onto the set of a conference room in the building nearby, like it had an open wall, where the President is announcing disclosure. He stands at a podium in this small room with rows of fold out chairs. Why is there such a small audience for this kind of news?! He admits in a nonchalant way that he can finally say Yes there are other beings and we have known for some time and, in fact, here they are! I stand and walk closer to get a look. Like guests on a talk show, alien beings with rounded triangular heads and light gray skin, large almond eyes (a little different from the typical Grey), long pointed fingers (four/hand) with the second to last finger and pinky being abnormally longer than others compared to human hand and pronounced knuckles (claws? nails?), wearing thick multi-colored (like speckles of different colors that blend to make a mauve color), fuzzy clothes (like a wool sweater), even rings I think!

One of the entities, a female, while moving down to sit in the audience, keels over grabbing her head in pain. Obama asks if anyone experienced in communicating [the way these beings did] would volunteer to help. He explained individuals on their own have been learning how to do this without realizing it, and dreaming counted as a step toward being able to do so. When no one else raised their hand, and the crowd being so small, I stepped forward for the chance to see how well my months of 'training' might finally pay off. I sat behind the female entity, about my height, a little shorter, and in less than a moment as I tried to figure out what to do, she shook her head and said that I wasn't compatible.

Another young woman stepped forward, a sweet and humble reporter(?) type and immediately made a connection. I felt disappointed, wondered what I had missed, what am I not doing right? Obama seeing my disappointment, asked for another entity to try again with me. A male being up one row and further down to the left jumped up in volunteer. Familiar. I know this being, though his appearance is not familiar. His familiarity is shown to me as flashes in my mind of the man I assigned to me on the transport ship to the mother colony back on New Years, he was my mentor. The human form he appeared to me as was how he came on that ship, now here is he in an alien form, but I felt it was the same soul. He came over to sit in front of me straddling the chair and immediately we connected.

Obama was different, he was larger in authority and shape, not small how he was when I first came into the conference. He was older? Deeper commanding voice? He called another alien to interact with me like I was a child (not degrading, but in a caring way) whose friend chose to play with someone else, or someone took my toy away. They were sympathetic, and it was more important that we the humans are given the chance to explore our abilities to connect/communicate with them, than what it started as, to help that female alien. They felt bad that I was disappointed that I couldn't help, so they tried to appease me by letting me connect with someone else, since that was really what I wanted.

That's true, in my efforts to initiate contact, I have mainly done so for the mere purpose of establishing contact. I'm hesitant to take on the desire to help with this ability. I don't know I'm secure in what I may be attracting to myself by putting forth that invitation. I attract that which I don't want by being afraid of attracting that which I don't want. Haha! So, what would be ideal? Helping the helpless, those that would accept and appreciate any help I can offer.

The whole setup of Obama announcing disclosure did seem contrived and silly. Is this really how we want disclosure? Do we really want our president to be the one to announce it? Can't we come up with another way that we could enjoy more? Consider the Ingress Google game. There are portals everywhere and we collectively in our communities decide if we are ready and willing to have visitors. I've been playing Crono Trigger, so I will use the game as a template. How might it look? A single representative from the other side comes out of the portal for each person who calls for a visitor. So if I am ready I will show up at a portal near me and broadcast my desire to meet with a representative. We are matched by the law of magnetism to personalities best suited to each other. We can begin to integrate our societies one individual at a time, rather one pair at a time (an individual from each side of the portal). Each portal is equivalent to a different place on their side, or even a different world or time. Our world becomes filled with doorways to different worlds, locations, and time streams. I would invite my buddy from the other side of a portal to my house to play; show him my toys and my garden, introduce him to my neighbors and family, ask him to come watch me play soccer. We would sit down at my table and I would ask all about his culture, what he knows about our universe, how consciousness works, new sciences, magic, history, love, religion. 

He is not Darian. Who is he? I almost had his name in the dream. Maybe instead of names they have personality imprints (like I recognized him as a flash of his human form face in my mind).

Later, in the middle of the night when most everyone is asleep, I will return to the portal and ask to see Darian. A man will emerge in black, their special operative's uniform, recognize me, and smile. He was waiting for me to call finally since the portals opened. I will cry in exhausted relief and run into his arms like the big brother, guardian I never had. A lifetime of doubt begins to heal.

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