Jun 3, 2013

Inter-temporal, Superluminal Vehicles

Date unknown, retrieved from Dream Tracking journal

In a laboratory, walking around like on a tour. There are scientists in white overcoats busying about, and large computers with colored lights and cords, technologies I don't recognize. The room is filled with a natural white light so commonly seen in my dreams that emanates from the walls themselves, or the windows were clouded enough to shield view of the outside and outside in, but transparent enough to let in light. Windows would have covered the front walls in two rows of large panels each panel 8' x 8' ft. Very clean room. Experimental projects room. A ladder leads up to a balcony that traces all along the opposite wall to the 'windows' that is lined with a railing. More of an observation deck to oversee the project hanging above ground on a large suspension from the ceiling in an extended area of the room.

Something is wrong. The lab is being seized by force. An explosion.

The project I am brought to accessible from the balcony is a white spherical vehicle (a pod) with a sky blue window on the curvy door that fits the shape of the sphere. There is room for two people to sit in black harnesses/buckles. Other passengers entered in pairs while the rest waited in two parallel lines with their partners, not scientists, people like me, civilians/visitors I guess, volunteers. The vehicle spun incredibly fast and the people disappeared once it reached critical velocity, then the next ones went in. Felt like an evacuation. We were hurried along. We were anxious but apprehension about getting in, never having done it before.

This is one of four physics defying vehicles (not counting the regular UFO Flying saucer types I see) I have witnessed in my dreams.
1. From this dream, round pod for time travel(?)
2. Similar crammed, single person vehicle at a NASA/space museum facility that had holographic videos and descriptions on signs describing the vehicle as a kind of small rocket in that it carried a person out of the atmosphere into space but the propulsion system was not based on standard space rockets.
3. Instantaneous travel transport ship with the same harnesses but holds multiple people and expands in dimensions to accomodate number of passengers coming on board.
4. Large time travel ship belonging to a race of pale red-skinned tall beings in robes where each passenger was placed in an individual rectangular room like an outhouse with a seat that afterward showered us in gold dust and allowed us to see one another through the walls of our rooms after violent shaking of the craft.

What do these vehicles mean? The possibility of travel of consciousness through time, and faster than light travel.

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