Jun 24, 2013

Red Grid Marks Phenomenon - Case Study #1, Part 3 and Learning to Dream

Continued from Testimonial #1 Part 1 and Part 2

Questions remaining that may prove essential to understanding this phenomenon

Why 'Michael's back, why the butts of my palms, why the top of the hand in my Case 2 study? Does the location and shape of the marks represent something about the individual? Why a triangle, why a honeycomb, why a circle? Why are certain shapes appearing on certain people and not the same shape? Why was there pain and aching associated with mine but not with others?

JENNY: "In trying to determine any reason specific to the individual for why the marks appear where they do on the body, tell me any significance it appearing on your back might mean to you. Do you do anything special on your back like a workout move you designed?"

'MICHAEL': "The marks appearing on my back could correlate with the humiliation and terror that my experiences have entailed. It's harder to fight if you're on your stomach. I think of it as being branded or marked like an animal.

I've recently started using a massage roller that I use while lying on my back and I do leg lifts etc.
I am, in general, a very watchful, alert person (some might say tense). I might be a little more paranoid than the average person about what's behind me."

JENNY: "Are you persistently paranoid about someone being behind you?
Do you not know how to relax, or feel uneasy about laying on your back, like it's submissive?
You mentioned always feeling afraid about going to bed, [is this] because of your abduction experiences? Was there ever anything in those experiences where your back was the subject of prodding or being touched? Anything come to mind?

My hands were significant to me in two ways, the first being the two grids were mirror images, evidenced by me putting my hands together in a praying angel way. Like you, probably, I've struggled incessantly with religion and feeling oppressed or like an intruder or imposter, though I've yearned to belong somewhere spiritually. The fact it brought my hands together in a prayer ready stance may have been a sign that it's okay for me to pray even if I don't conform to any group. Secondly, I am writer, so my hands (for typing) are important for my way of expression and transmission of ideas. When my arms and hands ached that day, I was nervous I had developed an acute case of tendonitis (though I was only 25), and would not be able to write anymore. It made me appreciate my hands a little more. I do then release my thoughts, ideas, and feelings through my fingers. I wonder if my energy had concentrated down my arms and released or clogged at the butts of my palms."
'MICHAEL': "I do have trouble relaxing sometimes, but not all the time. I think I feel alright about lying on my back... The anxiety I feel about going to bed is very generalized. I can't connect it specifically to my experiences--it just comes up. I can't remember ever feeling like my back was being prodded, other than one experience that happened in the past few weeks... I felt two sharp pricks in my back while I was asleep, such that I was woken up. I had the impression that I had been slapped by a cat. I'm not sure why the cat that I live with would have done that as it is very skittish and (I assume) not prone to violence. I'm pretty sure I was sleeping on my side. Maybe it was a muscle spasm, I don't know. I can also remember feeling like there was a weight on my back in some other experiences over the years."
JENNY: "Does the triangle have any significance to you?"

'MICHAEL': "Triangles are not significant to me. My dad claimed to have found a triangle mark on my sister after a missing time experience when she was an infant but I'm not sure whether to believe that. I've certainly heard that that is a recurring theme with abductions."

Continuing incidents of night terrors

'MICHAEL': "Incidentally, I had a rather frightening night last night. I felt like I was being "manhandled". Lots of feeling like I was being floated around and something done to me physically. And there was a vague dream of some guy being abducted and accidentally put back in the wrong house and then being brought back to the right house. This felt like a longer than normal experience. I felt very groggy when I woke up during the middle of the night after having this experience. I checked for marks but all I had were the marks of my bed sheets.

This was the most intense nighttime experience I've had in quite a while."

Uncovering Correlations between our cases
JENNY: "I find it particularly interesting that my greatest fear as well is exactly as you stated, discerning what is deception and what is real, but this assumes individuals are independent from the universal processes that generate reality. Are we existing within a set of parameters, or are we part of the functioning of this reality? Either way, we are left with the question of who or what created the blocks which we are building with. I am always concerned with how to differentiate between subjective experience and what religion might call ultimate truth. The problem is all anyone can do is translate the world through their own experience. Only by comparing notes, essentially, do we come to a collective understanding of what that ultimate truth or reality is. For an example of how my concern with deception stirs for me, is represented by the two sides of the community that believes and explores the various contact with unknown intelligent creatures. Some believe the true extraterrestrials and/or trans-dimensional beings are entirely benevolent and the negative encounters are bionics created by human design to control the masses and perpetuate fear of an outside threat (Dr. Greer's following). The other side believes there are two kinds of extraterrestrial groups interacting with humanity (among others), one which wishes to enslave us and follows a self-service ideology, and the other which has immeasurable love and compassion to help us grow by our own direction and join a cooperative of service of others ideology. The two sides of this latter belief system matches well with the biblical mythos of two competing sides with different perspectives on how to rule over sentient beings; the Lucifer versus Jesus and God duality. Now my problem is in the prophecy that there will be a grand deception, something I do see hints of in my dreams about a false Disclosure. But Lucifer, as many forgot, was a beautiful angel, the most handsome one. With the occurrence of beautiful angel-like Pleidians, I wonder how we will be able to tell who really has our best interests in mind, and who, through their superior powers of manipulation and abilities to cloak, project emotions and ideas (a forceful kind of telepathy), and change their appearance, wants to keep us secretly enslaved.

Even if we are happy in our blissful ignorance of a prison, deprived of things we don't know  could help us, humanity will always be suspicious of a greater deception. I believe our obsession with a grand deception is a product of our nature being curious and fearful of the unknown. The challenge for us is not to discern what is real or not, what is deception or not, but how to create our own ability to be omniscient so we will be able to always know without trying what is deliberate deception and honest subjective truth. I have been affording the aliens of any side of the community with too much power. What if they are like us, searching for answers, but for a longer period of time, and their perspectives are still subjective. Can we believe we will know the difference? Is it okay if we don't know we welcomed a deception right away, and give ourselves permission to have misplaced faith?"

Are the occurrence of the marks connected to our mutual fear in being deceived? Or is it a broader connection of people who 

On Developing One's Dreaming Ability; Email sent June 24th 2013 as counsel for 'Michael's persist disturbing experiences

JENNY: "There is something I want to discuss further as we share our dream experiences. My abduction experience was one of most vivid nightmarish experiences I've had in all my dreaming. I reserve those dreams which are actually terrifying to be placed in their proper category of being a nightmare. With that said, there still are images and sights that should be considered nightmarish in nature that I see regularly, but am not overwhelmed by the fear. I tend to have a handle on these situations. I faced a giant/tall humanoid cannibal once who desired to eat the juicy meat of my thigh raw, and I threw him off the train. However, not before he gouged an infant's eye out. That nightmare, though I fought him off, still felt like a 'lose' to me because I didn't prevent the baby from getting hurt, I only diverted who he hurt, because my own child was with me and I willed him to stay away from mine. Maybe a third of my dreams deal with direct conflict in bizarre ways, but I don't think I feel as out of control as maybe you do. I am incredibly involved in my dreams and search for meaning to greater questions. You seem to have an ability that you are not using, and so it is being abused by some other force that will use it for their own purposes.

Since the attempt to reclaim your dreaming by asserting your position didn't seem to work, what other possibility might you enjoy exploring? If you see dreaming as an opportunity to learn, or to travel, or to know the secret thoughts and intentions of people, or to visit non-human beings, might your control for a dream be re-established and thus be a step toward long-term ability to control or utilize your dreams? Maybe even something you can focus on more easily. Do you know a dead relative you cared about that you could ask to communicate with for your next dream? This has been the easiest thing for me to conjure is using the love I feel for certain dead animals or relatives as a path to connecting to them, then helping establish a focus for the dream's content by asking a question about them before bed:  "do you ever think about me? Are you watching over me? Do you see what these other beings are doing to me? Can you help me with that?"

I'm suggesting more of a dialogue, first with an entity you know and can most easily connect to, then in time, to the beings that are messing with you to understand what they want. I have connected with some very unsightly, commanding beings, of questionable intent; it's one of my specialties I think because I defer to the belief that they are not evil, just misunderstood. Number one essential ingredient to doing this, is allowing yourself to slowly learn to have command over fear. There is progress, as you stated, in being a participant in your dreaming, and eventually a co-creator (where I am currently gaining experience in; I can create my dreams to some extent). In other words, see the fearful situations as challenges, and dreaming as a skill you must gain levels in. You'll know when you've succeeded in a particular challenge because it will be shown to you.

I've never recommended this in-depth before, so of course you make of it all what you wish. But since these unnerving events are persisting, I suppose any suggestion is a start."

(More hopefully to come on how, if at all, either, or both our dreaming changes in response to these efforts. Could I be learning now how to be a Dream Counselor? So many people have asked me for help in clearing their sleep of recurring nightmares. Perhaps my experience could be helpful to these people. Either way, I need to compile more information from other cases in this Red Grid Phenomenon.)

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