Jun 2, 2013

Communication Device Sketches

Summary: Drawings of communications devices from dreams; theory on realities occupying same space-time as ours with visuals.

Figure 1. Communication Devices Sketches, Page 1

Text from Top-Down, and Left-Right sequence:

Communication Device
-dropped in my hands by a UFO in dream
-when I chased craft to return object, shooting star streaked across night sky and I was given the knowing the device was for me to hold onto.

Top view network of bars are cut and bent at varying angles upward. These serve purpose as antennae/receivers.
-How though? Electricity? Sound? I thought [in dream] "Someone could be impaled on this" because of how they jutted out.
When I wondered about its dimensions as I turned it [the cage device] around in my hands, the number 6 (six) repeated in my mind. 
-The dimensions of top [bird's eye view] 3x3 (rather 3+3) are 6. [Or 3x2 or course is also 6]
-Could they have meant 6 fold geometry?

Months later while writing and wondering how I'm supposed to use this, 2 (two) vibrating, smoothly crescendo to decrescendoed notes resonated in the air of my room, moving R[ight] to L[eft] of my perspective [sitting on the bed]. A perfect fourth, Do-So (P4).
-I pause upon hearing this and ask "Hit them like a tuning fork?" The last note repeated in the same manner.
-Simple tonal communication as proof of their presence.

Dimensions [of cage device] 2x3x3 with greater space between bars on length dimension.
Bar thickness is not to scale (should be thicker)
Metal bars molded at intersections
Empty cage size of radio, made me think radio, thus communication device.
Corners more rounded than depicted.

Figure 2 Communication Devices Page 2

Text from Top-Down, and Left-Right sequence:

Intersecting planes of reality, if each rectangular bar were filled in to be a flat, solid tile as a 2D (two-dimensional) object representing a 2D state. We live 3D on this 2D tile.
-This model depicts 5th dimensional reality and identifies intersecting points where one tile interacts with another.
-They overlap into the very fabric of the other planes.
Now envision each plane is a sphere of empty space like a world or a universe.
(Figure 2.2 captions: IMAGE - or - turn angle IMAGE - again - IMAGE - familiar yet? - IMAGE Symbol for the atom.)
-The orbits depict spin of the spheres now occupying, in their entirety, the same space. [Referring to series of four sequential images]
-The atom is a model of how the different realities intersect of the multiverse.

Sound and light must be physical mediums that can traverse between the realities and carry messages between them [with limitations?].

(From Top of page, referring to image in upper right) Creating a sound field resonance, or overtone.

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