Feb 19, 2013

Zombies and Souls

The night of Feb. 17th/18th I experienced another zombie dream, which I haven't had for some weeks. But for now I wish to discuss my findings from library research and to record my thoughts on connections I'm exploring before I carry on to other non-related research for my book.

In Haitian culture, at least up to the 1980's, zombis were thick in local lore. My research is from a book "The Serpent and the Rainbow" by Wade Davis. Through magic, a targeted person's soul would be pulled from its body to hover (still tethered) around the body until which time it could be captured, or returned to the body. In many early cases, victims were pronounced dead and buried alive or kidnapped by mysterious secret groups in the night and the victim would later be found wandering aimlessly days later (reminisces of a classic alien abduction). The catatonic state Davis reported was biochemically produced by a tetrodotoxin which simulates the appearance of death. People were terrified not about being harmed by a zombi, but about becoming one and being buried alive. The zombi, then, by vodoun practice is a body without an intact soul. In common ritual of vodoun practitioners, spirits are welcomed in to temporarily occupy the body of the participant who is inducing a trance state through exhaustive dance with the help of drumming and singing by others. But that is voluntary. Being forcibly pushed out of one's body by a curse (contact with poison powder) eliminates the element of control the person has over what happens to their soul or body. An empty body may be, in rare cases, occupied by a wandering or summoned (not sure which) malevolent spirit who could wreak havoc with a vessel.

This is what I see. I do not see decaying flesh zombies rising from true death, they are vicious, evil spirits incarnate . People who were lost in the dream were not torn apart for a hunger to eat the flesh, but to occupy it. I got the sense they were turned, and it was important they didn't touch you. 

Would we not always be vulnerable to these spirits when we sleep? Are we fighting off these spirits as souls while our body rests in the dream state? We fight for to protect our rightful claim to our bodies from these invading spirits? Do they ever win in taking over our bodies while we are asleep? What do they want to do in the physical realm with our bodies? Why are comatose patients with nothing wrong with their bodies (which would make the body unfit to carry a soul) not constantly taken over by these spirits? Are they only trying to occupy certain people? People of power and ability, bodies with advantageous skills. The truth then, comparing notes from my abduction and zombie dreams, is that our souls can be summoned, stolen, manipulated in the dream realm, and can be forcibly evacuated from the body if it suits someone's interests.

The two stories of the people who were cursed by the poison and abducted, whom Davis spoke about in his book, were outcasts and bothersome to others. It was suggested they were being judged before secret councils as the reason for their kidnappings. These societies, one of which is known as the Grey Pigs (for some reason this feels significant to me...) are known to eat flesh, conduct night time rituals to the spirits, their symbol is a coffin, they wear black and red uniforms, are extremely secretive and will punish members who break their code of conduct.

Are these cults run or inspired by the same beings that harvest blood in cattle mutilations? Are they related to the zombi idea? There is certainly an alien race that feeds off of (or absorbs rather) blood. Do they also eat flesh? What would be the purpose nutritionally or symbolically for a species to eat flesh? These are different, they have physical bodies, why would they need to steal a human one to occupy?

Mythology as History of Different ET Species
Symbology of Ancient Maya depicts warrior groups of the Jaguar (or Tigers as is the Mayan word tigre, but the image depicts a Jaguar) and Eagles, who served the Sun God and represent night and day respectively. (An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya, by Mary Miller and Karl Taube, pg 183). The Eagle along with the Serpent of course being commonly expressed in mythologies around the world throughout all of history. There is also the Insect and Ant people of Native American lore. Certain alien races seeded different regions of the world, perhaps creating the different races of humans. The different mythologies, say the polytheistic ones, may have been accurate in that that regions gods were the guiding extraterrestrial/extra-dimensional group of beings assigned to them at that time. Many of these groups may have been allied with the same higher organization carrying out their individual missions with the people of Earth. If many of them had animal features, it would stand to reason that many species have been influencing our planet's people. Mythologies tell stories of struggles between the gods for power, engaging in matters much like our own disputes. The difference with the gods though, is they command great powers and mystical objects, and a deep understanding about harnessing natural forces of the universe.

What better way to establish peaceful relations with a new people than by the old custom of combining genetics both as a symbol of unity and literally as a unification. Warring nations would marry their prince and princess to unite their kingdoms. Our alien ancestors however, may have beaten us to the punch by combining their DNA with the primitive species of man already developing on Earth. That way we never had a chance to war over differences because we are by genetics related. Each mythology's and religion's origin story can be true in this sense. And before man, various cultures of different ET species lived for a time on our planet. But was there constant manipulation of different species or one cooperation of species or only one species that created homo sapiens? Many mythologies talk about the raising of the lands up from the water, that this planet was a giant ocean. This rearranging took place by giant creatures, like Tiamat the serpent water goddess for instance who separated the earth and sky.

Were some malevolent spirit beings denied the claim to a body in the physical creation? They are the ones selfishly clawing for a hold in the physical realm, and some have always managed to find a way in. Were the Dragons who programmed emotion and love out of their DNA (according to adepts from the Galactic Federation) manipulated by these vicious spirits and given a way in by occupying these reptilian bodies? Still missing something... These spirits could very well be the followers of Satan identified in the Bible, not the Dragons as I have thought them to be (or perhaps they are one in the same) . So how did the Dragons come to the decision to remove emotion, who are the blood-absorbing race, and are the malevolent spirits ever succeeding in taking over bodies or do they already have command of zombi slaves (soulless bodies controlled remotely from the spirit realm)?

Misc notes:  Quetzacoatl is one example of a feathered serpent, suggesting a time when the serpent and eagle races were one and not divided. The name actually translates to emerald plumed serpent and was first depicted with a rattle snake. Not a being.. a personified way of explaining symbolically complex forces?

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