Feb 20, 2013

Old Celtic and Mayan Components

(Originally Published 2/20/13)

Mayan creation myth in the Popul Vuh says the Heart of Sky god made man from clay at first, but he would not multiply and crumbled, so next he made them of wood. In Auvergne around a spring was discovered more than 5000 wood figures of the old Celtics, another 200 in the River Seine, others in Lake Geneva, the British Isles. Some are just heads, some are bodies depicting the organs, other are heads on top of one another like a totem pole without details. Ritual shafts are prevalent throughout old Celtic territories which held various objects, including wooden figures, buried down in sections. Source is "The Druids" by Stuart Piggott.

There was a plate found in one of these shafts depicting a figure drowning a victim in a tub as sacrifice to a Gaulish god. Prisoners of war are sacrificed by cutting their throat over a cauldron (pg 77-8).

My abduction dream featured the tall blonde woman with a hooked nose and warts. Sound familiar? She perhaps called her ship to pick me up where I was addressed by a frog-like being behind a cloudy panel (see Abduction post). Were they descendents from the classic pagan witch and frog familiar? There is definitely some interesting correlations I am discovering from that experience. And was the second alien with the floppy nose like Watto from Star Wars who cut out my throat, was he a descendent from one of the gods depicted as well?

From the mythological text on Maya I noted last post, there is an image laying out a slew of different gods. Two of them I was drawn to, one is a tall female god with a crooked nose and long chin and was suggested to be a fertility goddess because she is often depicted with many male figures around her, another was simply what the authors referred to as a 'frog god' because of his long fingers with bulbous tips like a frog. The female goddess I saw in my dream who shapeshifted from a large bird to a woman explained that she handles private matters for her clients work which I classified as being that of an escort. These were members of the same races as those two gods depicted on that list of gods! (An Illustrated Dictionary of the Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya, by Miller and Taube).

The magic, the knowledge of raised earth focusing energy, of bismuth or phosphate in clay-mud being able to regulate field of the body, ideas of immortal soul, Isis; am I being contacted by the descendents of humanity's ancient ancestors? In particular as of late, there are elements of Ancient Maya, Egyptian, and Celtic. Perhaps I am their responsibility. My blood is English, Native American, and Polish (to name the main ones). There are many symbols of Egyptian mythology found in Mayan and Celtic mythologies. The Ankh for instance is seen in many ancient cultures.

I also repeatedly see a blonde male who I have a strong attraction to. I have wondered if he is my Twin Flame, as the Galactics suggest. We depend on each other back and forth. Once he was running from two beings after a mission. I knew he needed help but he didn't want to endanger me, and so kept me in the dark about what was happening to him. In another dream a blonde male is training me to defend against an invading tarantula army. I was on a mission with him in another one, and he looks remarkably familiar in the dreams, then I forget who he is or what his name was when I wake. I have spent so much time at night trying to remember his name, which was so clear to me before in the dream state. He is not a depiction of my ideal. Feature wise he was the opposite of what I always imagined, which threw me off. This can't be the dark haired imaginary friend I have known my whole life. I haven't seen him in a couple weeks, I don't think. Wonder what he's been doing.

He does however support my connection to that other blonde haired shapeshifting woman though. I like the idea of figuring out from which race(s) I originate from. Perhaps there are clues as to why I experience some of the strange things I do. Different humans have different natural abilities and inclinations. Is there a genetic component that refers back to which alien races' DNA we have most of? Might also explain why I have had dreams set in Arthurian times.

Now what about water. This might seem radical to an outside viewer, and rationally from an academic point of view it does to me as well, but I am beginning to suspect I have a deeper connection to water than just a 'like' of it. I may be a water goddess! Well, okay. I mean that my dreams may be telling me I have an intuitive and commanding relationship with water. Not that I am part frog or anything, but there is grander picture here including that woman and that frog alien, and all the water dreams. Is it possible to unknowingly be part of a cult? Why is it my sister Laura dreams about dry, desert places and teachers with turbans, and underground labyrinths. Are she and I not derived from the same ancestral species? Why have I never dreamed of Middle Eastern countries? There have been desert settings, but from California and New Mexico (and one I haven't placed) and islands, not overseas continents.

What about the reptiles though, or the tiger? What does my empathy with them mean? We might just be a hodge-podge of DNA from all different types of aliens by now.

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