Feb 10, 2013

Urban Jungle

Night of Feb.  7/8th 2013

Dream: Very little dialogue. Climbing acrobatically in and around bridges, some hundreds of feet in the air. Dark, but can see the objects clearly. I've had similar dream like this before. Conquering fear and doubt training perhaps. I wake amazed that I did those things. How is that me? Settings feel like real life in dreams, why is it we would react so differently to a situation in a dream compared to how we suspect we would in the physical realm?

Analysis: Difficult feats of confidence and ability are easy in my dreams. I know it is possible. How amazing are the powers of belief, knowing, trust, and faith in accomplishing anything we wish and need. There is still a major barrier in this existence though that prevents us from awakening these abilities outside the dream state. I find it difficult to explain to people the concept of imagination being reality when opposites are unified. The lower vibrational existence of this realm makes all manner of things in a perpetual state of incompleteness. Dualities, in a higher vibration, are experienced in unity, not as disparate. So in the dream state, when you ask a question, the answer will come almost immediately as a knowing, a verbal answer from a character or invisible narrator, or as a visual morphed into the imagery of the dream. We must be willing to ask!

Many people tell me about nightmares where they behave as though they have no say in what is happening, they feel powerless, afraid. I encourage them to trust in the safety of it being only a dream and ask for a safe haven. Eventually, you will be able to create whatever you can imagine directly into the scene. Dreams are cluing us into the nature of of imagination. What we defer to, whether fear, love, faith, or doubt, is what we create. And there are parasitic creatures that feed off of our incomplete negative emotions that will strive to keep us feeling that way so they have a source of sustenance.

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