Feb 22, 2013


Last night, I pondered what I could do to express my appreciation to Link's grandparents for taking us in and letting me work while they cared for him. They are mentoring and supporting this other family in poverty in the area to keep the kid in school for a chance at a better life than what he's in now. Issues with the mom have been concerning them, and they don't know what more they can do. Of course I would like to be able to do something for that family to ease their concerns and reward them for their compassion, but I didn't know what to recommend, even though I am familiar with that scenario from my own childhood experiences. I asked for a clear indication of which type of flowers would express my appreciation to them, and I thought very purely about wanting to return their help.

Dream: I take leadership of a group of peers struggling with achieving their basic education and being disciplined in their choices. It became a classroom which I was stepping in to teach. I had a different approach from what had been going on here. My goal was to get these young adults to graduate, but more so, to create cooperation and support for one another, or so it turned out. I walked in declaring change, those who have a problem can leave. One person, then two more, than half the class left. We were going to get them back. One female student was discouraged, thinking it was pointless since everyone else thought so. I grabbed her shoulders and explained to her that education is not easy, it requires work, that someone like me didn't just breeze through to a degree, that I managed excellent grades in high school and college because I worked my ass off, and I come from poverty like they do. Assignments were those remaining students would go to the peers who left and instill in them a hope and dedication for taking control of the change they want in their lives. The student I shook was renewed, and became determined to help out her comrades by bringing them back to the promise I offered to teach.

My teeth started falling out. I tried to hold them in, continuing to communicate somehow with the students in our various organizing efforts (was not a sit down approach, was hands-on). Blood and pieces of my teeth were breaking off into my mouth. I held them in hoping my gums would mold back over them and hold them in place, which they did sometimes. I still coordinated, but with limited verbal communication, struggling through even if it meant I lose all my teeth.

Analysis: Did I somehow help the kids my son's grandparents try to help through my dream? Am I working in my dreams? Is there affect on the conditions of the physical world through dream events? I will still get her flowers as an immediate physical gesture, but maybe I helped the other way I knew would have relieved them as well, even if they never realize it. I am just glad to have been the vessel of identifying an area where help is needed and been offered a role of change. I don't know what I could do in the physical world to combat this problem since my time is monopolized with writing the book and caring for my son. Dreams allow us to do other necessary work we want to do but logically don't have the resources or time for, or at least let us pretend we have done something helpful. I hope, if I can't, that it at least leads other able persons to carry out that work. I may have contributed by putting the solution as thought waves out in the world. Hopefully someone picks it up (likely without realizing where the inspiration came from).

Update on previous post's topic: I believe I have discovered why the particular race of Reptilians genetically removed emotion out of their DNA, because their emotions were so intense and difficult to control, that they thought it would be easier to remove them, but in so doing removed the ability to feel love as well. Consider the Romulans as faction broken off from the Vulcan race (Star Trek). This still doesn't make sense. The Romulans allowed their intense emotions to run rampant, rather than try to control them, while the Vulcans, the peaceful ones, worked to suppress emotion. There was also a subset of Vulcans who learned to control, rather than suppress their emotions, that led to some indulging in telepathic manipulation. Roddenberry may have adjusted some of the truth to fit the main change of humans being the galactic federation (a good move for perspective and relatability).

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