Feb 7, 2013

Perspective Shift

Night of Feb 5/6th 2013
Dream: So much water! In a warm climate on beach front. Small, broken down shack. Windows and doors open. Water is rising. Beginning to leak in our open front door. Person I'm with dismisses it saying it will only recede now. She (my mother again, it felt like) mops up the area at the front of the door. Something odd about the delay by which the water was coming into the house. The water level was a good half foot above the level of the entrance, but only a slow, thin amount at the bottom was flooding in. According to the physics of time and space and gravity, it should have been moving in much faster and in greater quantity. Suddenly water is filling the room. We are running out of space at the ceiling to gather air before we are trapped in a box of water. We concede we have to escape.

Next scene from this, driving in a full car with a few friends now excited to survive a life of adventure on the go. Daring, our driver heads straight to where a peninsula is supposed to be; want to see the water's edge. Shocking, we all exclaim "Where is the peninsula?" "The water flooded it! It rose that high." Water seemed calm, never actually seemed stormy. Perspective pans out so that I am viewing the car my dream self is in from out above the ocean. Not sure what purpose this served. 

In a stream, fall asleep in stream, curl up and doze. Can breathe fine, like a pocket of air extends down in front of my face. I am not completely immersed. Awake with the feeling I have been irresponsible, that Link (my son) has been left unsupervised in a river. I look down the river and see a figure doing somersaults in the water. Panic that it is Link. Didn't start out as behavior declaring help, but became so. When I arrived, he had already fallen unconscious. What if I couldn't resusitate him? I knew though that this was dream state rules, so even though I felt superficially the desperation and grief of the possibility that he may not wake, I knew within that he would wake because it was a dream and I willed him to be okay. There was not an actual resusitation. The scene simply moved on. Maybe I passed the test?

iPad-like device was possessed. An intelligence living in or as the device was trying its hardest to scare me with a game it insisted I play. I'm in an old house with part of roof missing in one room. Call for Jim to show him the game, and to also calm my spooks on edge from the game. Didn't want to admit it really was getting to me. No answer. Where was he? Nervousness. Can I keep up this charade? Will the evil device win?

Return with group of same age men and women. We all want a shower. Only one shower room. A few women immediately begun to prep for their showers. A line of of mostly the men stood at the entrance. Before they could turn the corner to see the undressing few who led the pack to arriving first, the issue learned from my previous dream inspired me to take control. I turned and told everyone we should do each sex separately. Women would start. "Well that's not fair." I anticipated. Need solution. "We'll start this time, next time we do this much activity, the guys start and so we'll just rotate back and forth who showers first." They agreed. I shoed them out the door. Everyone was satisfied. I devised a quick compromise based on the immediate situation. What was before a pointing out of my arrogance with forcing my vision of an equal, respectful way of interaction onto others not remotely ready to follow such a change was identified as being resolved with this scene of the dream.

Analysis: For reference, I love water. I birthed in water, I love swimming, and have a weird desire where I become so mentally thirsty to be enveloped in water while drinking pure clean water that I imagine being water. I want it to fill and flow through my body like I am a being of pure water identifiable by only a human outline.

However, I am beginning to wonder if the dreams of flooding are metaphors for when I am overanalyzing, when I am flooding an issue. Can it be both? Because it has been rather uplifting believing I have prophetic ability.  If dreams work like how the shower scenes worked, in that another chance will be granted to determine if my approach has changed,. What am I supposed to do with those flooding dreams? I ruin a peaceful moment with worry, as what was illustrated with the river napping turned shameful for irresponsibly letting myself have a nap when I should have been watching Link. I figured it was a warning to not doze off so much and let him do his own thing unsupervised, like I tend to do in the mornings. Perhaps though the trick is "believe whatever brings you to a state of ecstatic joy and by fulfilling your truths, you will not have the need for a self-improvement dream.

I imagine my spirit guides are rather frustrated with me. 'How many times must we show her that for humans to achieve a higher vibrational consciousness, we must accept that we have the power to create and manipulate time, events, and what we used to consider separate: reality and imagination?' How many times before I believe that enough to imagine myself finishing my book in record time, feeling rejuvenated about my future career, finding the right attributes and knowledge I need to demand my book be published and myself represented by quality professionals that will take my message seriously and help me toward success.Why does doubt rule over me? Probably because I let it. My greatest weakness I think, but has been my strength in some ways, allowing me to see things from both sides, and know in and out how it accumulates in a person's soul.

I've only been pointing out the negative possible interpretations of these dreams. Maybe they were in answer to last night's questions. Where can I find the right mud? On a warm coast, or in a soothing stream that makes me sleepy. I can't let the evil device win! Also, another example of machines imbued with life. Is it possible for a machine to have free will? Aren't humans biological machines? Is there so much of a difference? If the soul originates from a source, then unless a soul can occupy a machine (something that has been suggested many time in my dreams actually through many different examples), a machine can only imitate and execute programmings without true awareness.

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