Feb 10, 2013


 Night of Feb. 8/9th 2013

Dream: Strange. Ghost skull king is what I called him. He wore a crown. He had a faint glow, ethereal quality. Face looked like a decomposed mummy. Wore rags that were wispy. Carried a long sword. Usually he was full-height, but at one point he (as a spirit) occupied a large hollow coin (wheel?) that rolled along a tube. He was saying "Excuse me. I'm trying to roll through." We were friendly toward one another.

A mentor showed me three clay pots, all blue (2 royal blue, 1 pale, gray blue). Some rebellious part of me or some other unknown force threw them and shattered them. I felt the dread of "Oh no, now I have a mess to pick up." The mentor instructed me to pick them up. It became a puzzle mystery. Staring at the area where the pots were thrown and heard shatter, I notify whatever power was controlling the imagery of the dream out loud "We can't see the shards. You have to show us the shards." There was a glitch, then the shards, already in place all appeared at once scattered around the floor. That's better. Hologram malfunction? What a rare glimpse!

Mentor shows me a shard inside the closet mimicking the one in the room I am staying in real life. I am thankful, I would never have found that one. We put two large pieces together to make part of a butterfly. He was also looking for his shoes at some point.

Analysis: Who was the Skull King? Felt very ancient.
When I woke, I noticed there is a painted blue butterfly on the inside rim of the closet I sleep next to. That is where I would get shoes. I took that as a sign to wear slippers, keep my feet warm if I am to fight off this cold (poor heating where I am staying). Will the other two pots symbolize other ways to help me get better? Are the random contents of my dreams just that, randomized, and I am the one who takes that material and creates something with them?

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