Feb 6, 2013

Natural Methods

Morning of Feb. 5th 2013

After researching and pondering about the relationship and possible uses of bismuth and phosphate (which phosphate is the question), I napped briefly to be given a simply, plain vision.

Dream: Instructions with visual of myself covering my body in a thick, beige mud-like material. The knowing was granted to me (meaning there was no source of the information that was represented visually in the dream, it just came into my mind from a source other than myself) that it was one of those two materials (bismuth or phosphate, leaning toward bismuth) and that it was to improve conductivity.

Analysis: Now I don't know if this implies a form of healing, a way to allow clearer telepathic communication, but I do believe it is an as yet unrecognized simple organic method involving magnetism. By encasing the body in an aqueous, diamagnetic material... what occurs? This feels related to the water enigma. In a recent dream (posted), two at a time had to tread in a particular area of the lake. When immersed in water, perhaps at a sweet spot in line with Earth's magnetic grid, are our bodies sanctified? Purified? Healed? If it was phosphate, slathering a aqueous salt mixture would dehydrate the skin. Sounds like mummification. Real mummy skin, done properly by the ancient civilizations had (perhaps superstitiously more than reality) healing properties. I know this is widely abhorred today, but the practice existed and we cannot ignore the reports of people at those times. The theory was that the elaborate care of the corpse and placement in step pyramids imbued the body with near magical properties.

Bismuth can be found in pure quantities as a powder to make a kind of mud with, but I suspect the mud was primarily a different material with a significant percentage of the mud's makeup being bismuth. Mud baths supposedly help remove toxins from the body, improve the skin's appearance, relieves pain and inflammation (something I seriously need for my back from breastfeeding, and for an old injury flare).

This is very intriguing if it is related to healing. Does the process enhance the effectiveness of the healing when at a sweet spot in the Earth's geomagnetic field? Do crop circles point us to sweet spots? Where can I find the appropriate material to use? Or, if the water healing theory is also correct, where is the closest water to me at one of Earth's geomagnetic sweet spots? Perhaps this would relabel the benefits of a kind of mud bath. What percentage of bismuth must be in the mud? The limestone of the pyramids used 20%. Was it a phosphate mud with a percentage of bismuth? Does it matter? Please give me more details regarding this subject I am very curious, especially since we have been ill the last couple weeks. What is a time frame to leave it on? Until it dries? Clarify for me if I am misinterpreting this dream.

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