Feb 5, 2013

Add Phosphate to the Equation

Night of Feb. 2nd/3rd 2013

Dream: In a classroom with students whom are training with the military. I am a guest of Chris. Apparent to me the kind of personality type of these students being in military school. Competitiveness, confidence bordering on arrogance, pride, nervousness about being seen as strong, were some of the attributes nurtured by their line of work. I found many holes in individuals' personalities. Chris was annoyed that I approached situations with such looseness; these persons are not used to such bold openness. He was trying to tell me that not everyone is ready to deal with their deepest troubles. I wasn't getting this.

Joining showers. I casually strolled into shower room with only a towel. Stall walls were low allowing for talking... and peeking. I brought it upon myself. I handled them with the same light-toned scolding that I've used before toward male figures in my dreams (usually they seem military of sorts but with armor I'm not familiar with, and always in groups). I found myself wondering if Chris is going to join us and help to set them in line. Someone entered my stall whom I thought was Chris and became excited that I had been saved. I wrapped my arms around him, oblivious that he looked nothing like Chris. "I'm so glad you're here." "Oh, really? Mm, well I'm glad to be here too." "Wait, who are you?" Then oddly, he said "How did you know there was a James? That's me." I don't understand what that meant.

I tried to push him out of my stall, telling him he's sly and pulling his hands off my shoulders. When my friendly redirection was not working, I became more firm. Something overcame me, I just knew how I needed to act and did it without analyzing it. I threw him to the floor, shouting like a boot camp sergeant at his face saying "Do what I tell you sergeant! Oh wait, you're not sergeant, you're too undisciplined for that title. Am I making myself clear?" There was a level of amusement in putting him in his place like that. I feel like I am always playing a game that some characters of my dreams don't know I have the upper hand in. I can control through faith any problem that arises.

Chris finally did arrive, confused and annoyed that I chose to shower there in the first place. My nonchalant attitude was causing more problems than relieving. We move to a classroom where we gather with the other students of the unit. I pushed his cautions aside saying I am trying to encourage open honesty, and he should just let me do my thing.

One gal I sat next to was being given a gift by another classmate. It was a hanging decoration resembling a balance with a silly name on either of the two ends. The gift was thoughtful and touched her. A curious fellow student asked "What does it mean? Why is it special?" I jumped in when she remained reserved, still in appreciation of the gift, "She's emotional because those two names were, and still are really, the two imaginary friends from her childhood." She looked up in frightened embarrassment. She wasn't ready to divulge that. I had hit a sensitive secret for her thinking I was doing her a favor by speaking for her while she lingered near tears with a shy smile as she stared at the gift. She tried to deny it aggressively, but I knew she was being shy. I had blown her strict need to be seen as strong, and this secret was a great weakness in her mind. I shattered her image and ability to be taken seriously by her comrades. Truth is sometimes hard to swallow, and it doesn't help to have it forced down your throat when you're not hungry.

Teacher was showing a video that I focused in on for a minute. Erected building in a shielding in a desolate looking environment. Narrator of the film said something about the next step in replenishing the livability of the settlement was a mass sweeping of phosphate. The vision that came to me was of a dust cloud-like storm of phosphate deliberately swept across the barren land to the left of the large complex.

 The gal whose secret about her imaginary friends I blew cursed me and ran out of the room in tears. I chased after her. She explained that I had ruined her career training to be in this militant group, saying I didn't even belong there that I was visiting and should just leave.

Analysis: The historical film was most curious to me. Phosphate (courtesy Wikipedia) is an ionized molecule comprised of phosphorus and oxygen. It is a salt that can be mined. There are many c of phosphates. It is important for the construction and maintenance of bones. There are organic and inorganic subset. Many natural foods have it, including eggs, mushrooms, beans, cocoa, to name a few. That's two strange elements/compounds that have been emphasized lately. Gold has been a recurring mcguffin driving dreams where I am running with a partner to evade a pursuant force after the gold we hid or know where they hid theirs. But gold is a common word in our everyday culture. Bizmuth and phosphate... not so much. These are too random to not be important. They were emphasized by name in their respective dreams to encode it more firmly in memory so I can explore it when I wake.

For days I have been wondering, what is the significance of these two random materials. What are they used for that would warrant them being mentioned in my dreams. So I searched "phosphate and bizmuth" suspecting they might create an interesting reaction, one being a base, the other an acid. First hit: "Bismuth-phosphate process was a process used to extract plutonium from used nuclear fuel taken from nuclear reactors. This process was used to produce all the plutonium of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945." .... Holy shit. Why are you involving me in something so out of my league, something so dangerous. Were ancient cultures (like the Annunaki) mining for these materials to produce weapons? More specifically, this method, patented by some Stanley G. Thompson and Glenn T. Seaborg, removes plutonium from an aqueous solution. Is this why water has been a common theme in my dreams? 

The process itself is not described in detail. The patent doesn't include an abstract. Bizmuth-phosphate has many forms and uses though. 

Wait. On a hunch, I looked up what the pyramids are made of. limestone (exterior that was removed) and granite (inner shell). Limestone rich in phosphates has a dark brown or black color. Such rich beds are rare to find though. Was bizmuth used as a magnet to move the large boulders? How does the phosphate react in this equation?

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