Feb 16, 2013

Familial Link

Our consciousness' may be linked. Studies have shockingly shown this. My sister Michelle has been having very similar dreams. She felt the need to be with family again because of her dreams, like I had. She dreams about grocery stores. She gets the sense that something drastic is coming, that there will be changes that could perhaps be accompanied or triggered by natural disasters. She also saw zombies. We discussed at length the theories I have and compared our sense of what each theme meant. Here is where we landed:

Grocery stores - important locations, they are where we get our food and necessities. Galactic beings will likely require free access of quality foods to all socio-economic classes. Major change will begin here.

Zombies - not everyone will be able to absorb the new energy, they may be moved either to a new location or new body. There may be undead body containers that are perfect vessels for dark forces to control. They may need to be eliminated from being abused for dark purposes.

Family - stressing the importance of being with those closest to you, those you trust and can depend on, resolving unfinished business. Family, for us at least, will be a dependable unit for managing the changes.

Ho! Just thinking about the fact that these changes may begin while I am already up here (how fate has arranged for me to be), and I don't have all my clothes from home. I have had many thrift store dreams that now may make sense, telling me I can get replacement clothing from thrift stores. Absolutely crazy how some things come together.

What about animals? Will our domestic animals continue to live with us? Will Odin stay with us?

Laura has elsewhere to be though. Her dreams are not like ours. Her mission will be elsewhere.
I never see her in my dreams. Where will my mother be? What will happen to her? She is only ever in my dreams in a state of denial. She will have difficulty accepting the changes. Will she be set free from this body and this life? She would want to still look after her family somehow though. I've seen her as a spry, lovely little nymph that shows me the way through the maze on a lake. She will still help, but in a happier way than as she is now.

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