Alien Races Book Review (Part 1) - Comparisons between book's (Russian intelligence) descriptions and eyewitness report data in the US civilian sector about a few key species

ARB Review (Part 2) - Statistical analysis of common elements between races

ARB Review (Part 3) - Ordered evaluation of other listed races

Energy Field that Manifests Thought - Consciousness connection to a concentrated energy field

Prophecy - Follows a global shift and rescue mission by a galactic cooperative, orientation during transport of humans to join the space colonies, and branch assignments.

Leading Theory on Red Grid Mark Phenomenon

Jordon's Evolution - Case Study #1's awakening starting with night encounters to astral mobility

The Unveiling - Post-disclosure, reaction of public in the face of imminent disaster/danger, secret projects to build human transports losing their cloak

Dwindling Resources and Population Management

Clarification on the State of Power

The Space for Evil is White - Infiltration into the living and business quarters of one floor of evil, and the various types of agendas that exist there.


  1. I can't find the link to the survey

    1. Lily, You can find the link on the right hand column of this website under "Report Your Grid Mark." Click on the bolded words "General Info Survey. Thank you for recording your experience.

  2. i have a red grid pattern in my inner arm. what is it?

    1. Please refer to the Dossier publication on the right hand column of this page for detailed information and conclusions about the Red Grid Mark Phenomenon.