"There are no metaphors in my dreaming, only analogies."

The Author:
I am a vivid dreamer developing techniques to utilize dreaming for information gathering. Posted on this site are my ongoing investigations and research into the realm of dreams. Each dream of mine is presented as a story with multiple scenes and sequences in a single night. Over months, topical dreams connect together in a progression of study, with each subsequent dream contributing to my comprehension and knowledge of the designated topic. Topics are determined in part by my personal curiosities and interests influenced by my waking life, and part by the consciousness of truth and all experience and events with which I am accessing.

The process is I record dreams that felt significant or were highlighted in my memory as soon as I can type them up (I work two other jobs as a mother/homemaker, and author), provide analysis and any relevant information to the occurrence of the dream, as well as links to connecting dreams. I cross-analyze dreams, conduct experiments with other dreamers or people with unique experiences, study outside sources, anything that will supply more material for my dreaming to use in shaping the messages to my questions and desire to know. 

Some terminology and concepts to help guide you through the posts:
  1. 'ocean of non-locality' is the freeway of consciousness that all thought, experience, and happenings flow into and out of. Drawing from quantum mechanics, consciousness as bouncing electrons in a dense concentration interacts by magnetic attraction. Atomic particles orbit in limited, localized areas. To achieve non-locality, in theory, requires extension of atomic electrons out of their restrictive orbits for semi-free bouncing. The electrons bounce to other magnetically attractive particles and back to their original orbits. This allows the atom to connect across distances.
  2. metaphors and analogies are the language of this ocean, rather than mere words. Concepts and information are conveyed through imagery, stories, perception experience, as well as communications in gesture, telepathy, knowings (see #3)
  3. 'magnetic attraction'  refers to how the consciousness connects with some ideas and not others or else just drifts aimlessly through the ocean. Attraction is achieved through desperate need with a request for assistance, or honest curiosity about something you have no other way of learning given your resources or skills.
  4. 'receptivity' refers to the meditative state of mind when will is not imposed on the imagination. Images and ideas are free to be explored and considered without judgment from the ego. Sleep is where this openness is at its peak. In the waking state, surrender to the possibility that a request for help might be answered is another peak state for receptivity. Receptivity allows interaction with the ocean of nonlocalized information. It allows the person to be an observer to the 'particles' of information whizzing by. 
  5. 'call and response' is a technique for prompting your consciousness toward a given topic of interest. It is based on magnetic attraction and is like accessing a particular file set in a library of information and experience across time and space (large library). Requests for information require permission of belief in receiving an answer from a knowledgeable source. Priority given to serious calls in service to others in your network. Some restrictions exist. If it would give the caller unfair advantage in life (so winning lottery numbers are rarely offered), requests are diverted with an answer possibly highlighting how you might otherwise eek out an honest living, or why it will not be answered as requested, or else ignored altogether. The exception to this rule is when the request is meant as a selfless act.
  6. 'knowings' are an aspect of experience in the realm of pure consciousness (ocean) where no linear experience or explanation is required to know something, it simply is an immediate download of the scene. Knowings also represent truths as perceived intuitively by the experiencer. They are subtle and do not follow the same laws of experience and perception as life in the solid state reality does. Trying to impose laws of solid reality may confuse the message and result in a nagging uncertainty, which drives most people to give up and discard the dream as nonsense. Knowing also applies to a feeling of how something is meant to be interpreted, regardless of outside insistence to the contrary of the experiencer's belief. To condense, knowings are direct links to truth without the cumbersome and exhaustion of . However, knowings are not 'end all', they are stepping stones.
  7. a 'theme' is any recurring idea or set of images that appear together throughout dreams and waking life. 
  8. synchronicities are specifically primed ideas or images originally in dreaming state that appear in waking reality, as if to direct your attention to them. May be disregarded as coincidences by the doubting mind. These manifestations are mission assignment guiding hints. This again is an effect of magnetic attraction. 
  9. 'higher dimensional awareness' refers to the capabilities available to us in the meditative, receptive state. See below.
  10. 'solid state reality' is the contrast of non-localized reality where the world is a projection of consciousness (thought, feelings, beliefs, ideas, interactions), rather than a training ground that holds things in solid, independent forms, affected primarily by other solid forms. What you may call the 'real world' is a realm of solid, pinpointed life forms and ideas, like a non-localized particle fixed for observation, but you can't know where it's been or where it was going, only where it is now. Time is linear in solid state reality, rather than allowing free access to experience any moment of time as existence in non-localized reality does.
Capabilities evidenced in altered consciousness states:
  1. telepathy (with the various layers/dimensions of ourselves, other humans, animals, elements, spirits, time, and our extraterrestrial ancestors still interacting with us today);
  2. information download via dream experience and story;
  3. astral projection or remote viewing via instantaneous travel of the consciousness
  4. third eye observation or overlapping perspective, alternating vantage point between involved characters to know intents, thoughts, and their personal experience
  5. healing and directing change to self and others, including the systems of solid world
To say dreams are figments of the imagination not only undermine the power of the imagination to have affect, but ignore an inherent trait of the human experience, one in which religions and mythologies and traditions utilize and point out the significance of. Rather than deny dreaming to have any other weight besides individual growth that is meaningless to others or humanity at large in uncovering our purpose, origins, and long-suspected trans-dimensional place, we can actively explore such a passive yet wonderful gift by giving ourselves the permission of our youth to pretend dreams might hold more. That is the scientific necessity, the suggestion that something might be possible for it to warrant study and experimentation.

I am exploring through months of dream tracking and countless experiments the nature of and usefulness of dreaming. In cooperation, I am writing a book on imaginary companionship which suggests imagination is the root of not only a great power, but also the truest essence of what we are. Dreams are more than a visualization, they are an experience more complete in perception than our physical ones. They are mystifying in how the sleeping body can string together a complex series of images, sensations, emotions, places, characters, memories, and unknown elements into a cohesive plot with moral.

I have learned, at the very least in my research that dreams have substance in how they affect the dreamer. Sharing this research with people I come across generated a safe conversation for them to share excitedly and desperately their own dreams, in particular, their recurring dreams. Some were traumatic that affected their ability to sleep, their relationships, their perception on life as a whole and the way they functioned in it. One couple delved into my opinions and theories for help in understanding and conquering the female partner's distressing recurring dream about being held down by a dark figure. She had no previous history of assault or abuse on her, which only confused her and my fellow psychology graduate even more. This young woman was an everyday average recent college graduate working and playing soccer for exercise, living with her husband, expressing no apparent interest in supernatural phenomena or spirituality. In our discussion I empowered her with hope and control allowing her imagination to dictate the outcome and fight rather than be dragged along. I instructed her to understand this dark figure as a parasite that feeds off anxiety and fear. In order for her to take back her dreaming, she must defer to love and trust, vibrations the parasite cannot ingest. Its control is only as far as she permits it to have. To help her construct a plan, I suggested mediating before bed to visualize herself defeating the figure by emitting light and love from her body, or imagining her partner laying beside her smiling lovingly and reassuring her so she can climb out of her fear. This recurring vision represented so much in accordance with my work. She has the potential to tap into abilities that threaten this dimensional dark parasite. It created a sense of having no control in her life, rather than being a projection of a already present lack of control. She was trapped. She had no higher dimensional defenses and so was an easy target. The fact she could vivid dream without trying, that she experienced strange bleeding through of her dreams into the real world as precognition and insight, signaled to me a strong potential for her to be an adept, whose abilities could be realized if she could overcome these first steps and continue to develop her higher consciousness.

We create our world collectively, and can fight to change dominant, unjust, or outdated perspectives. Collectively we can manifest the help and guidance we need so desperately in tending our planet, societies, families, and inner souls.

Dreams are more than visuals produced by random firings, they are experiences. Bear witness to their power. Explore your potential through them. Believe and imagine.

For further information, see corresponding pages Theories, Investigations, Themes.

- Jennifer B., Independent Author
Dream and Imaginary Companionship Researcher


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