Note from Author: The following questions and theories are the primary ones I explore. These hold the most credibility in my mind as being true and may be recognized as my tentative conclusions, which I constantly double check and cross check against other sources for continuing verification. My evidences have repeatedly held up these ideas to be truths, however strange some of them may be. Throughout the blog I raise numerous other ideas and questions which I ponder regularly but do no always carry through in my experiments. My investigations are progressive, adding to previous See Investigations Page for post links, and my latest discoveries and inquiries.

  • Dreams, in their imagery, complexity of story and juxtapositions, are a language of deepest consciousness. The flow of ideas and perceptions, of summary and raw essence of situations and feelings, of knowings and inspiration, represents what 'is' at its core, and thus provide insight into our behaviors and doubts, and of higher purposes. The spirit realm most easily communicates with us in this way.
  • Spirit works closely with magnetic forces, perhaps by whatever nature consciousness energy is. Call-and-Response dreaming, as I discovered and employ, works by the law of magnetic attraction. The question calls for it's opposite charge of an answer. In my experience, and those of others before me, questions must be posed concisely, and precisely, identifying accurately and honestly what you wish to know or explore or reflect upon before sleeping. 
    • Dreaming can be prompted. However, some answers are complicated, making the resulting dream appear tangential or off-topic. It can be hard to see the relationship. Repeated future attempts with the same question determine if the strange answer is because the matter is not easily understood, requires background, or more information. I track my dreams so I may return to them and find where things fit, and how individual dreams connect to others I've had on similar topics/questions. This blog site could have been titled "Investigative Dreaming."
  • Dreaming is one avenue for managing life missions and challenges in this physical realm. We do not need to dream to receive the insight and knowings we desperately seek. This fact is widely emphasized by channels, prophets, religious leaders, Eastern teachings. I am able to achieve this in back and forth free communication ('call and response' technique) with a personal expression of the greater source of all experience, thought, events, wisdom, and information. Meditation and quieting the ego opens the channel of receptivity for information to flow across the consciousness. However, this could not adequately substitute the experience of a dream in its level of imagery and story-telling. I suspect it possible to manifest the same experience of sensation, feeling, thought, awakened abilities, and visuals as dreaming in the waking physical world. This is one of my greatest tasks: Manifestation. 
  • Solid reality fuels our identity, awareness, abilities, personalities, and contacts in the dream realm as an enclosed training ground. The dream world has its own laws of nature, as the solid state realm does. Everything we are, think we are, don't acknowledge we are, everything we do or want or think to do gives form to the setting, interactions, plot, perceptions of our dream experiences. We invite others into our personal kingdoms, and visit others, both to our potential risk or benefit. Desire to safely navigate and protect yourself will attract ways to do so. 
  • Dream interpretation is absolutely individualized. Only the person who experienced the dream can rule whether an interpretation of it is true for them or not. Outside help can be consulted to identify possibilities the experiencer has not considered, but ultimately the experiencer must sense what is accurate. Fortunately, dreams are encoded with their own truth, whether the experiencer is willing to receive or able to recognize that truth through the interference of their own judgments or not is where much obscurity is given power. 
    • Common lists of imagery interpretation omit the individual from the experience. Running away from a monster might simply represent a person's avoidance of a daunting task, and if that feels right to the person, then it is right. But, dreams seem to be double-sided, utilizing current states of perception, emotion, and experiences to convey deep inner truths about the individual, AS WELL AS, information about greater universal issues and our personal interactions with them in both realms. 
    • Dreaming is the same venue for remote viewing, astral projection, cross-consciousness communication/contact, information downloading, new perspective, inspiration, even prophecy (acute sensitivity to specific patterns), as they are for emotional evaluation and personal evolution. 
  • Dreams are certainly metaphorical, in fact, I tend to talk now in metaphors (pictographic language with attached emotional expressions wanting to be conveyed would be far easier to communicate for me). Ideas are communicated via analogies, or stories with enhanced perception. The dreamer has 'knowings,' scene changes, diverging timelines of events, and odd elements all to help convey complex messages. If you want clearer messages, you need to provide your unique filter with more content. How well you receive and transmit affects the level of expertise you have in receiving and interpretation. 
    • My analogies are incredibly complex, but I still decipher simple ratios. Once dreamed of myself seducing passing submarines with nothing but a satin sheet on my body in bed. A dream mentor insisted I follow him to a wholesale store to choose a snow outfit to cover myself up with. Firstly, it conveyed my own shame that my attractive tendencies are without approval from whatever governing spirits guide humanity, a desire to please beings of religious doctrine, yet also embrace aspects of myself I do not understand. This doubled though as a warning instead that cold weather was approaching. I hadn't yet got my mind set on wearing thicker layers because I was distracted with wanting to show skin and impress. I get sick easily from the change of the season, so it prompted me to wear warmer clothes. Just in time too. Cold weather began suddenly days later and I was so grateful I heeded that level of the message. I continued to work on the other layer of the message by confronting my assumptions about being judged on what I sometimes inaccurately assume to be merely a sexual deviancy. I've learned to redefine for myself who I am and how I can love my place in my striving quest to evolve toward something greater.
    • Dream analogies work by depicting interconnected links in a web of cause, influence, and effects. They represent deeper mitigating factors of a situation or relationship or behavior. How else would you convey a concept like two populations of different beings belonging to the same gene pool if words are too easily forgotten or muddled or have no voice for transference in the dream state? A member of each type were represented fighting in the pool of a natural waterfall. Like most dreams though, they are coded with more than one message or set of information. This same metaphor also meant one type has a potential advantage over the other by being in the water. It made one side slow and clumsy, while I (humans) could hide in and trip the pursuant. And with water in this form as a pool at the end of a waterfall representing a particular track that flows into the larger ocean, I knew our safety and fighting chance lay in moving in and out of nonlocality. Interpreted as balancing life in the physical world with meditation or sleep. The physical world is a barricaded school, yes, but it keeps things out and at bay as much as it keeps us imprisoned. We do not know how to combat and resist the forces that wish to expel us if we existed as pure consciousness because we are not secure enough in ourselves or each other to defend and fight. 
  • However, with that said, there may be a pattern of common lessons to be learned that are teaching humans how to survive in the realm of pure consciousness where thought is exposed and the unarmed individual is easily abused and imprisoned. There are innumerable ways you can arm yourself.
    • Recurring dreams indicate a lesson or idea is being unrecognized. They repeat because something in your life is attracting that scene to you. Ignoring the dream does no good. I counsel dreamers with the classic recurring dream of being held down or pursued by a dark figure. You must have faith in an idea that will create a loophole out of that scenario. The chasing figure reveals a susceptibility to fear and the waking experience should be spent discovering who you are and finding your strengths. Those will translate to arming you in the dreamworld. Dreaming is run by faith. Whatever you truly believe will translate to your actions and reactions in dreams. Faith doesn't just mean God or religion, it means any array of convictions. My curiosity is a strength of mine, to know the truth about something. I have such faith in my curiosity as a beneficial trait. That protects me from feeling overwhelming fear in my dreams, despite their sometimes horrific nature. I believe there is something to be learned from even the worst dreams and so I rarely encounter the raw fear those same scenarios would certainly illicit from me had they been real. I also have compassion for the unique perspectives and motivations of an individual. This lets me meet all manner of strange creatures (even though some have intended me harm). But in many ways, my faith has been established BY my dreams, not the other way around. Strengths and characteristics of myself I hadn't recognized came through, and each idea I come to trust yields further information and more tools. And love is one of the most powerful tools. Realize where and what and who you love. They will be your greatest assets. If you dream that your loved ones get lost, you are more focused on the fear of loss than the lasting effects of loving. Find a way to believe that death is not final separation, and that love of any degree can permeate into the realm after life. Your imagination is the only limitation. 
  • Bodies of water, for the large part, represent what I refer to as access points to the 'ocean of nonlocality.' Imagine that any single person's consciousness is an exit ramp off a highway, which we can travel on and access any knowledge, experience, event from any other consciousness thru time and space. Locating particular information is done by honest, child-like curiosity and receptiveness. I experiment with a call and response method of information downloading through my dreams, but it requires research, and study to provide enough conceptualization and imagery content for the ideas to be presented and understood by the viewing/experiencing consciousness. In other words, if I keep forgetting an answering dream to a question I repeatedly have when I awake, or the story sequence I received was too confusing, it means I lack sufficient imagery or comprehension to provide me with a better answer. My experimentation into the theory of the ocean of non-locality (derived from quantum mechanics) is driven by the goal to make contact with a variety of beings and ultimately learn anything I, or humanity, wishes to know. The ocean is the greater body of all living consciousness where entities can travel across time and space thru as pure consciousness. Astral projection, distant communication, remote viewing are all possible through this ocean that all rivers run to. All experience, thought, happenings run into the ocean for access unless designed with a barrier.
    • The viewing consciousness needs a vessel or safe means for free travel through the ocean. Possible methods are diving gear, swimming in a tight team with regular intervals of only submerging a certain depth (like no more than three feet of full body submergence), swimming in a designated area (cove or pool), riding a train or electric rail. These tracks help pinpoint a destination. The reason for these measures is the consciousness can easily pick up parasites, or dip into tainted pools. Not all waters are clean and safe. Not all transportation is fail-proof; infiltrators and unwanted passengers can sneak aboard.
    • Lately, I have been devising ways to infiltrate cordoned off pools of information kept from the ocean. A few questions continue to evade clear answering:  1) what is the cause and purpose of the red grid marks that have appeared on at least one-hundred people (based on self-reporting forum numbers); 2) what is the "white branch" of the Federation which I was assigned to (five primary branches and some seven secondary designated by color, with black being physical, astronomical exploration, blue being communications, green being sex/intimate operations, also purple, red), and why was white not identified in the orientation materials pamphlet evacuees were provided in my 2012/13 new year's dream?; 3) why have I never been granted a complete visual of my life-long imaginary friend in my dream-state? Or able to remember my soul partner after a dream encounter with him? 4) How do I repeat an encounter of the same altered consciousness travel as my consciousness abduction?
    • My suspected answers: 1) something of a disturbing nature that I am not receptive to seeing fully yet (connected to systematic mass murder for a questionably justifiable reason that extends beyond the physical realm of existence and holds a key to why a physical realm was constructed in the first place, or how it is being misused for mass production and harvesting). 2) Assignment with flexibility to utilize any branch specialty if needed, Specialty in imagination, creation, direct access to creative spark, covert light work. 3) Because he is multiple consciousnesses; deliberately withheld or masked to keep me focused on life missions; he is a pure creation of my imagination, not solidified enough to exist in the ocean. 4) Working on it. Understanding travel through the ocean is my current task. 
  • The ocean ("Great Spirit" as it wished to be called) has a passive consciousness of its own that helps to guide its inhabitants. Too many of my dreams diverge from topics I expected it to cover to focus on other matters it deemed more pressing, likely because understanding the topic it provided will be the primer for understanding that which I originally asked.
    • See recent Water labeled posts. 
    • Not all dreams are free swimming episodes in the ocean.  
  • Prayers selflessly identifying a person who requires healing or direction in some specific way are given priority response. Prayer must be pure of intent with clear faith and love for the message to be received and enacted. Miraculous happenings can be guided toward fruition by love and faith. It can manifest in the physical world. We have influence and power through this magic (connection to divine, to one another, to inner self) to perform miracles of healing. 
    • Miracle tracker, apparent results after long-term lack of change: 1) My mother flipping personalities and becoming empowered, discovering her identity, expressing her kindness and humor freely, exploring territories that trapped her in fear for decades prior. 2) Friend Chelsea accepting a challenge that would provide her life structure, purpose, and experience where before she was unmotivated, easily fatigued or short-tempered, sheltered. 3) My son brushing his teeth and pottying on little potty the day after desperate prayer. 4) Mother-in-law perfect gift to express my appreciation for watching my son while I wrote for a week. The gift was flowers she had always wanted to plant, though I had no idea.
    • Eventually I will learn its complexities, and embrace its full potential.
  • A reptilian consciousness has been long communicating to me. There are three types: Snakes, Dragons, Amphibians. The Snakes have different levels of personality; some are violent and driven by instincts of fear, others are scared but shy, others are curious and want to know us and can shapeshift (manipulate perception in response to the neighboring viewer). Snakes evolved out of the Dragon. Amphibians are separate species. Dragons are powerful, capable of movement in all three mediums (land, water, air; aka, physical realm, ocean of non-locality, and what I suppose is God's realm, respectively, though I am very unfamiliar with it). Amphibians wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time but are otherwise gentle. They had problems, along with the snakes, of overpopulation or over-reproduction. The same challenge that we will face was presented to their overseerers: "How do you choose who lives and dies when it is mandatory that the population be reduced to ensure the species' overall survival?"
    • One reptilian race feeds off human energy, particularly sexual, deviant energy. 

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