Water (lakes, oceans, rivers, rain, snow, glacier landscapes, showers, baptizmal tubs, swamp) - lately, traversing snowy conditions

Controlled humans and husks (zombies) by dark omnipresent force


Schooling, classrooms - physical world as a school or prison

Choir class and singing (working in harmony)

Agent partners on missions (fugitive retrieval, valuable package protection, infiltration for information gathering)

UFO's and Communication Devices

Unfamiliar Alien Entities: 
Tall red skinned humanoid,
Transparent blue amphibious;
Shapeshifters between animal and human or alien to human or old to young or human trait to other human trait (eye color cycling);
Tall and Short Blondes male and female;
elephant seal/tapir biped intelligent species, tan color;
Tall pale skinned Gray-type with long arms, large black eyes, and blue jumpsuit with shape-shifting ability;
Grey-type with large almond eyes, features indistiguishable, seen through one-way mirror in mountainside;
Short cantalope skin-colored with thick orange robes;
tall bluish biped exoskeleton ('dragons' represented in five different subspecies of variable flight/land/water capability, tail use and length, overall size, and coloring);
intelligent demon capable of assuming one of three forms (blue with coral-like spikes similar to the bluish exoskeleton 'dragon', red with horns?, and human);
unidentifiable quadraped not comparable to Earth lifeform;
small luminescent jellyfish;
short bluish-seafoam green being with robe, friendly and loving demeanor, ridge from top of head to back of head

Reptiles (dragons of water, sky, and land, friendly and terrifying; snakes, turtle, lizards, thunderbird) and Frogs

Channeling Animals (Tigers, Cats, Manatees, Dolphins, Wolves)

Sudden, and drastic climate changes (tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, arctic winter in warm region, Sun-related events, sinkholes, crevices opening up, power grid and communications failure)

Ancient or mystical artifact, and ancient ruins with hierglyphs

Wooden play structures, sometimes under few inches of water

Post-apocalyptic trials and conditions of society (resource scarcity), related to...

...Superstore stocked Warehouses in closed communities, complete with grocer, clothing retail, nightclubs for the youth, kitchens, living quarters

Hyper-luminal velocity Trains

Dimensional phenomena: overlapping and adjacent space, pocket time streams and space, dimensional camouflage, heavy space/portals 

Part in staged play - Casted as outlier role, forget my lines, handed role unexpectedly, never enough time to practice

Thrift stores

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