Mar 19, 2019

New Wave of RGMP Reports Upcoming w/ Subscription

In a concerted effort to keep this ball rolling and formally reopen the RGMP Investigation, I am going to be offering a Member Subscription to new RGMP content. Years of struggling how to make this research self-sufficient has led me here. I want to provide my continual readership with quality reporting, exciting truth, and timely interaction with a regular stream of content. To do so, I must move forward in the digital marketing world as so many other journalists and news reporting outlets have done by limiting access to the content we work so hard to obtain.
Subscription is $5/mo. for full access to RGMP articles, reports, & analyses.
Content is fully aware of the cause and discusses it freely in relation to new information.

The Reformed Broker said it best in his article "My Favorite Tax" on supporting quality journalism amidst the tabloid buzz, sensationalism, and poor integrity of so many online outlets:
"When I look at all the monthly subscriptions I pay, and all the recurring charges, the ones I am most proud of are my subscriptions to newspapers (digital, but nonetheless). I think of them like taxes, doing my part as a citizen to support the free press that holds the nation’s leaders accountable to us. It’s my favorite tax to pay." - Joshua M. Brown
I cannot compare myself to the NY Times in scope, business acumen, and quality of resources, being a small independent research team of volunteers at this point, but I can take a tip from their book, and model myself after other moderately successful researchers in the field, like Linda Moulton Howe of Her decades of investigative research has long been an influence for me in this process.

Here I am, having stumbled into an unusual phenomenon, with the general (working) know how and setup to do it some good. Maybe a sense of duty pervades my return. Whatever it is, I want to do it justice.

So, if you are able, and in support of what we hope to revamp with your support, opt for a subscription to:  
RGMP Spoilers access. 

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Dreaming and consciousness exploration of my own experimentation will continue to be free. Reports on case studies of their own altered states experiences, as well as any divulging content on the RGMP relative to the Dossier's information will be available to subscribers only.

More reports to come!

[Send me your bizarre dreams, dreaming habits and themes, and any unusual encounters you've experienced to experientialdreamingatgmaildotcom or by using the contact form on the sidebar.]

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